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What is an Intimacy Coordinator?

Intimacy Coordinators ensure scenes involving nudity, intimacy, or simulated sex look real, stay safe, and are replicable. 

Intimacy Coordinators s are trained to assist directors in choreographing intimate scenes (if they desire).


Intimacy Coordinators also facilitate a closed set when necessary as outlined by SAG guidelines.


In the same way action-heavy projects lean on stunt coordinators, shows that explore themes of sex and intimacy require an Intimacy Coordinator for both safety and legal reasons.


Read the SAG Guidelines for Intimacy Coordinators here

Why choose Red Door Intimacy Coordination?


With over 15 years of on-set experience,

Red Door Intimacy Coordination prioritizes seamless communication between all departments:

*actors feel safe

*below the line accomplishes their daily tasks with more ease

*producers/directors rest easy knowing  their production is within union and legal guidelines.

Unlike other Intimacy Coordinators, RDIC brings an understanding of on-set dynamics and a consent educator background to help create a culture of cooperation for all departments.

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